Feb 12 2020
Australia Bushfires - How to Donate and Offer Support

We are completely devastated by the bushfires that swept parts of our country in recent months. The tragedy left significant damage to our animals, our people and our environment.

In the wake of Australia's catastrophic bushfires, we’ve donated towards long term support to the affected communities as they begin re-building their homes, communities, lives and ecosystem.

We are beyond grateful for the heroic firefighters and volunteers for their bravery during this crisis, and proud of our community for their unity despite the circumstances. To those who were affected directly or indirectly by this tragedy; our hearts and thoughts are with all of you.

Australia Bushfires Donation Links

Please see links to organisations and nonprofits below to learn more about how you can support Australia:

  1. Australia Red Cross has been a consistent lifeline for people who are in need of vital services during emergencies. They provide disaster relief assistance, health, safety training and more.
  2. GIVIT is an Australian organization that matches donated goods with items that are specifically requested by victims of the fires.
  3. World Wide Fund for Nature is leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species. With Australia’s bushfires bringing 113 animal species and counting closer to extinction, WWF is responding to urgent needs with the help of donations.
  4. NSW Rural Fire Service is the world's largest volunteer fire service. Their members provide fire and emergency services to approximately 95 percent of NSW and have played a huge role for months in containing the recent Australia bushfires.
  5. Salvation Army Australia works with federal, state and local government, as well as community organisations to best meet the needs of those affected by disasters offering a range of services including financial assistance, emotional support and referrals.

We are proud of our community for their unity despite the circumstances.

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