Sep 28 2016
NitWits Top Tips for Getting Rid of Head Lice

NitWit's Top Tips for Getting Rid of Head Lice
  1. When treating head lice ensure the treatment is thoroughly massaged into the scalp. A newly hatched louse is almost translucent in colour and lives on the scalp for this stage of its life, so by paying attention to the scalp, you minimise the risk of leaving lice behind and a new generation of head lice being produced.
  2. Combing is important to ensure all nits (head lice eggs) are removed, unless using a treatment such as NitWits All-in-One that kills the lice and eggs without the need for rigorous combing. Many other treatments don’t penetrate the egg’s shell so the embryo is left alive inside the egg to develop and eventually hatch.
  3. Nits are tiny, between 0.5mm and 1mm in length, so it’s handy to have a magnifying glass or the NitWits Head Lice Comb which has a built-in 5x magnifying glass to make it easy to find nits and lice as you comb the hair
  4. It's possible, even with the most thorough treatment, to leave behind a couple of healthy nits which could go on to create a new generation of head lice. Therefore it is important to check the hair again 7-10 days after the initial treatment to target any undetected hatchlings.
  5. If someone in the household has head lice, it's highly recommended to check all other family members for head lice as well.

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