Lenny + Friends

Meet Lenny

"Well... what can i say about me. I'm cheeky and devious, that's why kids keep me around. Some think being a louse is tough, but hitching a ride on humans lets me see the world from heights most small creatures will never know!"

Cartoon Lenny lice holding magnifying glass
  • Age:... You don't need to know
  • Best Attribute: Sense of adventure
  • Fav Colour: Brunette
  • Hidden Talent: Jumping from heights
  • Quote: You don't know I'm there ...until it's too late

Meet Dozer

"Well... what can i say... I'm lazy, hungry and tired. I'm not the smartest louse, but I am reliable... sometimes. It's the thought that counts though, right?"

Cartoon Dozer with big belly and body hair
  • Age: I honestly don't remember
  • Best Attribute: My appetite
  • Fav Colour: Auburn
  • Hidden Talent: I can sleep through any situation
  • Quote: All you need is food

Meet Lucy

"Don't think for one second I'm working hard, my charm does all the heavy lifting. Stick with me and you'll always have fun!"

Cartoon Lucy lice laying on stomach kicking feet in hair
  • Age: Is just a number
  • Best Attribute: My looks and charm
  • Fav Colour: Blonde
  • Hidden Talent: Singing
  • Quote: Charm always gets you places

Meet Albert

"Slow & steady wins the... I forget how it goes. Anyway, they say if you can't beat the louse then join them. Only problem is I'm still trying to catch up"

Cartoon Albert older lice holding walking cane
  • Age: Ancient
  • Best Attribute: Story telling
  • Fav Colour: Grey
  • Hidden Talent: Break-dancing
  • Quote: Slow louse finish last

Meet Ralph

"It's obvious that i'm the smartest of the group. My knowhow lands us in the most perfect places, at first glace some humans wouldn't even know we were there!"

Cartoon Ralph lice wearing glasses
  • Age: 3.141592654
  • Best Attribute: Genius status IQ
  • Fav Colour: Black
  • Hidden Talent: Calculus
  • Quote: With great power there must also come - great responsibility

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