Head Lice Treatment and Prevention Products for Kids

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Spray and wash. It's easy and stress free.

We know Mums and Dads don’t have time for head lice so when they come along your world doesn’t have to stop! NitWits All-In-One makes it easy to treat head lice without the need to comb; so you’ll have more time for the important things.

*(Super lice are lice that have become resistant to pesticide treatments)

just spray
& wash once.

It's easy and stress free.

Spray everyday to ward off head lice.

A repellent and detangler in one, formulated for everyday use. The addition of conditioning agents work immediately to unlock knots making the daily combing and styling routine much easier.

a repellent & detangler in one.

Spray to ward off lice.

An essential tool for checking, combing and removing head lice.

The 3-in-1 NitWits Head Lice Comb makes weekly head lice checks and head lice removal easier with a 5x magnifying glass, stainless steel comb and detangling comb.

the ultimate
3-in-1 lice comb.

Removes lice with ease.

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