NitWits 3-in-1 Head Lice Comb
  • Suitable for short & long hair

  • Lice & egg remover

  • Detangling comb

  • 5x magnifying glass

NitWits head lice combs


Remove Lice and Eggs

The NitWits Head Lice Comb is the must-have tool for checking, combing and removing nits and head lice. The comb features two sets of comb teeth - a wide set for detangling and combing out knots, and specially designed stainless steel teeth which remove nits and lice as it glides through the hair. Also includes a built-in 5x magnifying glass to locate the lice and their eggs, and a comfortable, easy-grip handle.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


How to Use

To make combing and checking for lice easier, coat hair with NitWits Combing solution (sold separately).

Check the back of the neck and behind the ears as lice will often hide here when disturbed.

  1. Select long or short tooth comb for hair type.
  2. Run the detangling teeth of the Head Lice Comb through the hair to smooth out knots and tangles. 
  3. Divide hair into 4cm wide sections and comb through from root to tip with metal comb. Wipe any lice or eggs off the comb and onto a tissue. Tip: The short tooth comb is best to remove head lice eggs. 
  4. Continue combing until the hair appears clear of eggs and lice. Tip: Use the magnifying glass for a more thorough check. 
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo as normal. Wash NitWits Head Lice Comb in warm soapy water. Do not boil the comb.

Tip: To ensure the head lice life cycle has been broken, repeat this process in 7-10 days to target any undetected hatchlings.

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Warnings and Precautions

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