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Mar 14 2017
Head Lice Prevention Hair Styles

Plait Tails


Topsy Tail Plait & Bun


Twin Braid and Bun

Hot Tip: Use a detangling spray to help make hair easily manageable.

When styling girls hair keep in mind the requirement of hats at school – low styles work better with hats.

The school yard is a hot spot for head lice where children play in close vicinity and are in regular contact with each other. One of the key prevention methods is to keep long hair tied up. This reduces the opportunity for head lice to catch on to your children hair.

NitWits have put together some quick, easy and gorgeous hair styles for girls. Have fun!

Plait Tails

  1. Part the hair in the centre and secure each section into a low pony tail with a hair band
  2. Plait each pony tail and fold (underside) in half towards the scalp
  3. Secure each ‘tail’ with a hair band. At this point you can leave the plait tails as they are or proceed to a Princess style.


  1. Follow step 1 for ‘Plait Tails’
  2. Wind the plait around the secured top hair band (closest to the scalp) into a bun
  3. Secure with a bobby pin.

Topsy Tail Plait

  1. Pull the hair back into a full pony tail and secure with a hair band
  2. Nudge the hair band back approx. 2 cm away from the scalp
  3. Create an opening between the scalp and the hair band with your fingers
  4. Fold hair up and through the opening pulling the entire pony tail right through. The hair should now look like a pony tail with a “fancy” top.
  5. Plait and secure with a hair band. At this point you can leave the hair as a long plait or proceed to the Topsy Tail Bun.

Topsy Tail Bun

  1. Follow steps 1 – 5 for ’Topsy Tail Plait’
  2. Roll the plait (underside) up towards the scalp
  3. Secure “Topsy Tail Bun” with bobby pins.


  1. Pull hair back into a low pony tail and secure with a hair band
  2. Fold half of the pony tail (starting at the bottom, folding on top of itself), lay a ribbon horizontally across the half pony tail and secure with a hair band
  3. Roll the remaining pony tail towards the scalp to create a bun and secure into place with bobby pins
  4. Tie the loose ribbon into a bow.

Twin Braid

  1. Part the hair at the centre of the head
  2. Working with one half of the head at a time, separate the first section into three pieces
  3. Pull the left piece of hair over the second, which will position the centre piece to the left, and the third piece over the second piece that is now the centre piece
  4. After each pull, gather hair from the side of the head and scalp and to increase the amount of working hair
  5. Continue this method until all the hair is pulled into the braid
  6. Plait the length of hair and secure with a hair band.

Twin Braid Bun

  1. Follow steps 1 – 6 of the “Twin Braid”
  2. Roll the hair (underside) and secure into a bun with bobby pins

Nadine Ismiel - Author | Nitwits head Lice Treatment Blog
Nadine Ismiel | Author

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