Jan 29 2012
NitWits - Head Lice Treatment Video

Today, my daughters just went back to school. They are very excited to meet their new teacher and play with their friends. But, apparently they are not the only ones excited to go back to school. So are the head lice!

It is said that one in four young school children carry head lice at any one time and 95 percent of head lice cases are picked up at school.

Head lice can be passed around by innocent close play such as a hug, sharing hair ties, brushes and caps. Head lice crawl exceptionally fast and have a firm grip on the hair once in contact, the transfer can happen in an instant. It only takes one louse to start the head lice life cycle.

Did any of your kids picked up head lice at school? What did you do? I would love to hear your head lice stories.

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