Jan 29 2012
Top Tips on Educating your Children about Head Lice

Educating Children about Head Lice - NitWits Lenny the Louse Head Lice Mascot

Creating a weekly routine to check for head lice can also be helpful to build your child’s awareness. Additionally, this allows you to catch any infestation early and also gets your child used to a nit comb making any future treatment less traumatic.

With bug-phobia in mind, here are some top tips on educating your children about head lice without upsetting them.

  1. They are small insects that live in the hair on your head
  2. They can crawl from one head to another
  3. They can make your head itchy and it doesn’t feel very nice
  4. They can affect anybody in the classroom, it doesn’t mean that a person is dirty
  5. They can be prevented with a special spray (mummy knows what to do) and wearing your hair in a plait or a bun.
  6. It’s also best to wear your own hat and not share your hair brush (but sharing toys is OK)
  7. If you do get head lice, they are treatable (Mummy can help the itch go away by washing your hair with the special shampoo and combing your hair to get rid of the animals)
  8. It’s really helpful if you can be patient with your Mummy while she is checking or treating your hair

These kid-friendly explanation should help your children work with you to avoid the infestation.

Have you got any other clever ways of educating children about head lice?

Nadine Ismiel - Author | Nitwits head Lice Treatment Blog
Nadine Ismiel | Author

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