Jan 30 2012
Top 10 School Lunch Box Ideas

NitWits Top 10 School Box Lunch Ideas

I’m always trying to find new and interesting things to put in my daughter’s lunch box. Especially now it seems that bananas are off the list – can you believe she threw a whole banana in the bin yesterday cause she’s decided she doesn’t like them anymore!

For me food for the little one does need to meet a few criteria; nutritious, quick and easy to prepare. So, these are just a few healthy but tasty foods that make regular appearances in my daughter’s lunch box:

  1. Fresh fruit – mandarins and apples are a couple of our favourites
  2. Carrot sticks – I chop these up on the weekend and store them in the fridge in a container of water to keep them crunchy. These guys often make an appearance in my lunch box too.
  3. Small tub of yoghurt – during Summer I sometimes freeze these so that they stay cool, and as an added bonus it keeps everything else in the lunch box cool too.
  4. Sultanas
  5. Plain popcorn
  6. Cheese sticks
  7. Avocado, ham & cheese sandwiches – I like to squeeze a little lemon through the avocado so that it doesn’t go brown.
  8. Carrot & chicken salad – grated carrot, shredded chicken, sultanas and cous cous, drizzled with some orange juice and honey.
  9. If you can spare some time on a Sunday whip up some tiny muffins (using the 45mm sized muffin tray), wrap these up individually and freeze for convenience.
  10. Plain rice crackers

Do you have any other school lunch box ideas or recipes?

Photo Source: Flickr seelensturm

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