Mar 15 2012
Scare the wits out of nits!! Read mum reviews?

How to Prevent Head Lice - Anti-LiceSchool is well and truly under way – are those lice lurking at your school?

There are some things you can do to help prevent head lice, such as tying long hair up; not sharing brushes, hats or hair ties; checking for lice regularly and using an anti-lice spray.

The NitWits Natural Anti-Lice and Detangling Spray contains natural repellents that form a protective shield to deter those nasty nits while the conditioners leave hair soft and manageable making everyday styling that much easier.

So what do mum’s think?

“All I can say is OMG this stuff is amazing!!! I have used it every day since I received it and so far there has been no sign of nits in my daughter’s hair. I was having real trouble previously trying to eliminate them using almost every treatment available but to no avail :( NITWITS anti lice and detangling spray works a treat and I will have no problem recommending it to my friends”... KellyB 

Nadine Ismiel - Author | Nitwits head Lice Treatment Blog
Nadine Ismiel | Author

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