Apr 19 2013
Natural head lice remedies!

It's no secret! There are many natural remedies that can be used when treating head lice using things like mayonnaise, Vaseline and essential oils. But most of these natural remedies take hours to kill head lice and can be quite uncomfortable and not to mention smelly when applying to your child's hair.

Natural Head Lice Remedies - NitWits All-in-One - Kill Lice and Eggs in one go

The quickest remedy that's kind to kid's but not to head lice is our NitWits All-in-One! It works in just 20 minutes and kills not only head lice but their eggs too!

What you can do at home to prevent head lice infestations:

  • Regularly check your child's hair
  • Keep an eye on how often they're scratching or touching their hair
  • If your child's play friends have head lice, prevention is better than cure, try NitWits Anti-Lice & Detangling Spray!

Nadine Ismiel - Author | Nitwits head Lice Treatment Blog
Nadine Ismiel | Author

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