Jan 14 2013
How to prevent head lice this Summer

Head lice love Summer as much as your kids do and are the most common problem to get during the Summer period. Summer vacation is a great incubation period for an infestation, especially when it only takes 1 child to spread them around!

How to Prevent Head Lice - Kid with Itchy Scalp - NitWits

Here are some tips on preventing head lice this Summer:
- Educate your child about head lice
- Ensure your child knows not to share personal items
- Do regular hair checks using a good quality comb (ideally twice a week)
- Keep long hair tied up
- Regularly wash bed linens and your child's clothing in hot water

NitWits can help parent's ensure head lice AND their eggs are gone without the need for rigorous combing! With a highly effective sensitive formula for killing lice and eggs in one go, NitWits All-in-One works in minutes!

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