May 22 2012
Head Lice... Did you know?

Head Lice - Child's Hair - Did you know?

  • Head lice are parasites, they cannot survive without their host (human scalp) • Head lice are not dangerous, they don’t carry disease and they are not a sign of poor hygiene
  • Head lice cannot jump or fly but do crawl at exceptional speeds
  • Head lice only survive around 35 days
  • A nymph, newly hatch louse will feed within the first few hours of its life. They also live directly on the scalp until they reach the second stage of moulting
  • Head lice reproduce sexually
  • The female louse can lay up to 150 eggs at a time
  • Eggs are secured to the hair shaft with a glue like substance from the female’s reproductive organ that covers the egg and wraps around the hair shaft. Combing is essential to remove these eggs, even the empty shells.
  • It only takes two lice to create an infestation, so it’s important to check for head lice regularly – once a week is ideal

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