Apr 05 2012
Easter Madness - & the Best Easter Hunt Ever

Easter Egg Hunt - NitWits

This weekend will be filled with crazy hyped up children running all over the place! How do you rationalise with a 5 year old as to why the Easter Eggs should not be devoured for breakfast.

I get into my "fun" mum mode when it comes to the annual Easter Egg Hunt. I think I love it just as much as the kids do. Make sure everyone gets involved - the more the merrier - and hide the eggs outside as well as inside. Baskets are essential and sharing is also essential - set the rules before you start.

It doesn't have to be just chocolate eggs either, a quick visit to the local $2 shop and you can pick up paper, pencil sets, whistles, balls and yo yo's - this will help break up the chocolate focus.

However you spend your weekend make sure you (and the kids) have fun. There are just two occassions a year where we get the long long weekend and this is one of them. Follow my long weekend checklist.

Long weekend checklist:

  • Get outside - especially if the weather is good
  • Sleep in - even if it's just a little One NO COOKING night - go out for dinner or get some take out
  • Soak in the tub and treat yourself to a DIY facial (uninterrupted)

Have a Happy Easter from the NitWits team.

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