May 22 2013
Are head lice contagious?

Parents around the world all have 1 thing in common when it comes to head lice, they dread them!

The thought of them just makes you itch and although they may sound like little diseased carrying critters, lice are a very common problem, (particularly in kids aged between 3 to 12 years old) aren’t actually dangerous and don’t spread disease at all.

Lice bites can cause some children to react by itching or producing inflamed skin on the scalp which may lead to skin irritation and then infection.

The wisest thing to do once head lice are detected is to treat them as soon as possible!!! Head lice are highly contagious and can spread from person to person quite rapidly.

Are Head Lice Contagious? Head Lice Symptoms - Don't Let Lice Make a Monkey Out of You!

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How to detect head lice early:
- Regularly check your child’s hair
- Keep an eye on how often they’re scratching or touching their hair
- If your child’s play friends have head lice, prevention is better than cure, try NitWits Anti-Lice & Detangling Spray!
- For the ultimate solution at the time of head lice infestation try NitWits All-in-One!

Nadine Ismiel - Author | Nitwits head Lice Treatment Blog
Nadine Ismiel | Author

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