Jun 25 2012
School holiday fun - getaways

School Holiday Fun for Kids - NRMA Camping Getaway

School holidays are back on and it's never too late to change your mind on that family getaway. I put my praises forward for the NRMA Family Holiday Parks, they are one of the best family holiday locations on the east coast.

They cater for families of all sizes and budgets with self catered apartments or powered caravan sites. These places are made for kids! Structured activities are available through the school holidays and for every other day there are parks, massive jumping balls, and tonnes of room to ride bikes / scooters and more. Find out more at nrmaholidayparks.com.au

If this doesn't take your fancy then how about a couple of nights camping. It's not my cup of tea, however very popular with some of my friends and also my husband who takes our little one. Check out big4.com.au for the best spots Australia wide.

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