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Best Head Lice Treatment

Best Head Lice Treatment

Were the best head lice treatments old fashioned? Treatments for head lice were simple, everyday products that could be found in the kitchen cupboard. These products were vinegar, mayonnaise and even olive oil. They wouldn’t do much for in the way of fragrance but the principles were there. Today there are many treatments on the market of both the chemical and natural varieties.

It was found by a study conducted in Brisbane in 1997 that head lice prevalence had risen to nearly 38 percent, and that the success rate of the common insecticide Permethrin had dropped from 95 percent to about 60 percent. There are also products based on Malathion, an Organophosphate, and on synthetic Pyrethrins. Some treatments also contain Piperonyl Butoxide and Benzyl Benzoate. It is important when using these types of treatments to follow the instructions carefully.

A Head Lice treatment solution will help to kill off the head lice but won’t penetrate the lice eggs (nits) shell, you will need to physically comb out these nits using a fine tooth comb. There are only a few products on the market today that will kill lice and eggs in one go. Nitwits All-in-One does not require combing and kills both lice and eggs fast!

NitWits top tips for the best head lice treatment.

  • Ensure treatment is applied to cover all the hair and the scalp. Massage the product into the scalp for approximately five minutes.
  • Always follow the directions for use.
  • Apply a conditioning treatment to help make combing a little bit easier. Use a detangling comb to untangle the knots before using the nit combs.
  • Separate the hair into 4cm sections and comb through from root to tip.
  • Repeat the treatment a week after the initial treatment to target any undetected hatchlings. It is very possible to miss an egg or two as they are minute in size. Leaving these eggs (nits) to hatch will result in another generation of head lice.

Where to Buy NitWits Head Lice Products

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